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The bread of life will never get stale!

If you are tired of feeding on the “bread of this world” and are hungry for something real, then “taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.”
I must say that I have been blessed over and over since I trusted the Lord for my salvation back in 1983.
Some of my friends thought I became religious,  but they were actually mistaken. I was raised in a religion in Germany, heard about God of course, but was discouraged from reading the Bible, because we really didn’t understand it; so we were told. I left that religion as a young woman after my mother committed suicide and the church would not give her a proper burial, since in their eyes she had committed the immortal sin! No one from the church ever came to comfort a 15 year old broken hearted girl!  For the next 18 years I just sort of stumbled through life, always wondering what it really was all about – hungry for something, but was  not sure what!
You may say that this is not for you, because there are so many hypocrites in the church, and you are correct, there will always be those, but don’t let them stop you from tasting the “bread of life.” If you eat healthy foods, and your neighbors eat junkfood, I’m sure that that won’t keep you from eating healthy! You can use that as an excuse, but that’s just what that is – an excuse for you not to come to know the Lord.
If you are truly honest with yourself you will know that there is a restlessness about you that you can’t even explain , and you think that maybe a great  vacation, a new toy, a new relationship, whatever is new to you at the moment will bring you lasting happiness, but you are mistaken. These things are temporary and will only last as long as things are happening! Real joy and contentment will only come as a result of a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Believe me, if I had to recount details of my life to you, it would take a book! I only know that after eating on the bread or should I say breadcrumbs of this world I was starving for something real, for something lasting, for something other than what I was doing!  And I wasn’t a drug addict or drunk or lost everything, no, I had my own business, had a beautiful home, new car, RV in the driveway, and plenty of money in the bank, and a closet filled with clothes and shoes! I was also on my third marriage and that had just ended -  but Praise the Lord, He had mercy on me, sent someone into my life who gave me some little booklets to read, which you can find here: chick.com
At first I didn’t want them because I thought they had to do with religion! But since they were written in comic book form, I ended up reading them anyway. The long version of this story is on my website breadwinnerfromhome.com under “my story”
And the short version is that the Lord saved this “woman at the well!”  My life has not been the same since that day.
I encourage you to do some research into this “bread of life” – don’t look at the hypocrites, God will deal with them in time! Look at your own life, take a good long hard look and be honest with yourself. If you are tired of the way you are living, there is hope for you! Take a few minutes and read “about Him” because that’s what is really important. If you like, let me know what happened, or if you have additional questions, I would love to help! I felt that this post was appropriate for this time of year and  I hope this was a blessing to you, for that is my desire.
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